Assessment Registry 

What is an Assessment Registry 

A humanitarian needs assessment registry functions as a centralized database specifically designed to track and store information pertaining to needs assessments carried out in response to crises.

Its primary aim is to efficiently manage and organize data from various types of needs assessments conducted by different entities within a country. Acting as a coordination tool, it facilitates the sharing of information and enhances the planning of future needs assessments, thereby identifying gaps and preventing duplication of efforts. 

The key functions and purposes of an assessment registry include: 

  • Coordination: the assessment registry facilitates coordination of needs assessments among actors, as it allows everyone to see what sectors, population groups and/or geographic areas have already been covered by assessments thereby, avoiding duplication of efforts, and identifying gaps in the assessment coverage. 
  • Information Sharing: through this centralized database, it’s easier for the humanitarian actors to find assessments reports and data covering areas of interest for their programing.  
  • Data Management: It serves as a repository for storing assessment-related data, including assessment tools and results. It also allows access to historical assessment information.  

OCHA and Clusters’ Responsibilities  

OCHA is responsible for creating and maintaining the Assessment Registry database, managing the data, training partners to use it, and creating information products based on the contents of the database. Moreover, as chair of the Assessment Working Group, OCHA is responsible for using the information from AR to support the coordination of assessments. 

Clusters and partner organizations are responsible for contributing information and regularly updating the Assessment Registry with the appropriate metadata related to all assessments conducted in their domain. 

AR Solution on 

Currently, OCHA’s Assessment Registry is hosted on the platform. Through a collaboration with Emergency Response Team, OCHA has created a platform where different stakeholders can report on the assessments conducted, uploading data that is essential to support assessment coordination.  

The uploaded data can be visualized through compelling visuals within the platform or made publicly available through ReliefWeb Response pages, as detailed in the section below. Access Requests and ReliefWeb Response Pages  

Several countries have already started using the Assessment Registry solution on  

To join and contribute to the Assessment Registry of a specific country, it is possible to submit a request to join the Registry through these links:  

Dedicated pages in ReliefWeb Response allow partners to access relevant information on the Assessment Registry, including dashboards to visualize the information stored in the platform and, therefore, to use it for planning and coordination purposes.

It is possible to visualize such dashboards on the relevant ReliefWeb Response pages dedicated to assessments for each country: 

If countries are interested in creating a new Assessment Registry on, they can do so by contacting the OCHA NARAS office at