Ukraine: Health Cluster Rapid Health Assessment (Household)

The tool uses a perceived needs approach focused on accountability to affected populations, in which the subjectively reported needs of households are prioritized over expert-driven assessment. It can be conducted using any sampling strategy, depending on resources, time and access. It is intended to be administered to the current head of a household or a member of the household.

For the purposes of this assessment, household, refers to family members and/or close friends currently residing and eating together and sharing resources with the respondent.

The tool has the following sections:
• Interview information
• Location of household
• Basic information on household
• Health needs
• Main problems
• Main risks

The assessment tool was made available to Health Cluster Ukraine Partners to use at anytime where they are implementing their activities.

Collection method: KoBo survey.
This tool is intended for conducting rapid health-focused assessments at the household level.

By applying this tool, we can help government authorities and partners to answer, among others, the following key questions:
- What are the basic characteristics of households?
- What are the main reported health needs of households?
- Which needs are the most serious?
- Are there any upcoming risks to the health of the household; if so, which?
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