JIAF 1.1 Facilitation Package (HPC 2022)

To support the interagency roll-out of JIAF 1.1 for HPC 2022, a collection of resources and examples have been made available on our knowledge management platform, which is available to all partners.

JIAF 1.1. Package

  1. JIAF 1.1 Guidance: The guidance document for the Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework is designed to assist country teams in conducting intersectoral analysis when preparing Humanitarian Needs Overviews (HNOs) and subsequent Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) as part of the 2022 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC). Download JIAF 1.1. Guidance Document
  2. JIAF 1.1 Indicators & Templates

    1. Indicators Reference table: The JIAF indicator reference table compiles a key set of indicators put forward by each Global Cluster/Area of Responsibility (AoR). Download JIAF Indicator Reference table

    2. Context-Shock-Impact Indicators: Set of indicators to be used for the intersectoral-sectoral analysis of the context, shock, and crisis impact. Download Context-Shock-Impact Indicators table 

    3. Indicator Selection and Information Gap Documentation Tool: Use this tool to document indicators & critical indicators selection and information gap analysis for teams at the country level. Download the Template & Guidance Document

    4. Scenario B Data Collection Template: Template to collect data from Clusters for Data Scenario B aggregation. Download the Data Collection Template

    5. Scenario B Aggregation Template: This tool provides a template and guide for the aggregation stage of JIAF analysis. Download the Aggregation Template
  3. JIAF 1.1 Trainings

    1. High-Level Trainings: Four high-level trainings for the JIAF overview. These are appropriate for people coming new to the JIAF. Go to Resource

    2. In-Depth Trainings: These trainings provide a detailed/technical level overview of various components of the JIAF methodology and approach, they are designed to be accessed by people with some technical understanding of how the JIAF works. Go to Resource