2023 HNO - HRP Step by Step Guidance

Original publication date
24.05.2022 14:00
This document provides an overview of the main steps involved in the development of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.
Life cycle steps
Joint Analysis
Data Processing & Basic Analysis
Data Collection
Design of Data Collection
Setting-up Coordination
Joint Analysis > Prioritizing and informing decisions
Data Collection > Secondary data collection and analysis
Planning > Establishing context specific baseline
Data Collection > Primary data collection
Lessons learned
Joint Analysis > Process and coordination of joint analysis
Joint Analysis > Summarizing and interpretation of inter-sectoral analysis
Design of Data Collection > Estimation of Humanitarian Population figures
Document type
HPC document repository
Joint Inter-Sectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF)
Response Analysis and Planning > Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)
Needs Assessment and Analysis > Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)