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19.07.2022 09:00
Planning Bridge Tool
This tool is a complement to Response Planning and Monitoring (RPM) and the Project Module (PM). Its purpose is to give a clearer picture of the projects that partners are drafting in the Project Module, so that they can plan according to needs, and as part of that, arrange various cluster plans to cover the needs as best as possible, especially the most severe needs. Using new technologies such as Power BI, the tool allows for more visibility and real time communication so that clusters can see what their partners are planning (and vice versa), and ensure the total outputs and total people targeted add up.

Response Monitoring Analysis (RMA) Tool
The RMA is a customizable solution that pulls information on Needs, Planning, Monitoring, and Funding from other HPC tools and links it together in a way that allows country teams to easily visualize response progress at both the cluster and inter-cluster level. This enhanced oversight gives cluster coordinators the ability to better track progress by severity level, target population, and geographical locations.
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