Humanitarian Needs Comparison Tool - Guidance and Setting up instructions

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15.04.2019 00:00
Generating structured information products that can facilitate joint intersectoral analysis of humanitarian needs is a major challenge in many humanitarian emergencies. At the same time, ensuring consensus on the key humanitarian needs of a crisis-affected population, and how these vary between sectors and geographic areas, can be invaluable in supporting both strategic and operational analysis of the response required. This becomes particularly important when considering setting priorities as part of strategic response planning, which the needs analysis must inform.

Using a methodology for vulnerability and severity ranking is recommended to condense large amounts of humanitarian needs information into a format that allows for comparison and discussion. OCHA has developed a standardised, Excel-based humanitarian needs comparison tool based on field practice.
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Design of Data Collection > Designing Primary Data Collection methods
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Needs Assessment and Analysis > Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)
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