Multi-Year Humanitarian Planning (MYP) Tip Sheet for OCHA Country/Regional Offices

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13.11.2018 00:00
A multi-year HRP (MYP) can be used for planning and coordinating the delivery of humanitarian aid in protracted crises. It differs from a traditional HRP in its focus on establishing a response strategy beyond one year. A MYP can facilitate a more effective humanitarian response through more predictable and realistic/appropriate operational arrangements and a greater focus on the sustainability of results. It also ensures enhanced complementarity with development assistance and other frameworks. A MYP takes into account the impact that humanitarian and development assistance are expected to have over time in contexts where crises are likely to continue over the medium to long term, or in contexts where there is a clear scope to accelerate the exit from humanitarian assistance by planning on a longer timeframe. In order to be successful, a multi-year HRP requires development action to be at-scale and target the most vulnerable people down to the local level. This would contribute to breaking the cycle of humanitarian dependence and allow for a phased transfer of caseloads, whenever appropriate, from the multi-year HRP to development planning frameworks, such as the UNDAF. In many cases, this requires more risk tolerance, earlier engagement, and more flexible and context-adaptable programming by development actors. It may also require the MYP to clarify steps that will be taken to ensure a boost in development action (e.g. advocacy, capacity building, etc). Multi-year planning does not solicit humanitarian partners to get involved in the implementation of development plans or programmes. It encourages them to collaborate more effectively with development and other partners at the analysis and planning stages, and to advocate for development partners’ earlier or staggered engagement in crisis contexts, to address the structural and chronic causes of humanitarian needs. Given longer decision and implementation cycles for development programming, a MYP also offers development actors a longer time window within which to interact with humanitarian programming processes and, where possible, adapt development programming over time. 
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