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People affected by humanitarian crises, particularly those displaced and/or living in camps and camp-like settings, are often faced with specific challenges and vulnerabilities that must be taken into consideration when planning for readiness and response operations for the COVID-19 outbreak. They are frequently neglected, stigmatized, and may face difficulties in accessing health services that are otherwise available to the general population. In the context of this Interim Guidance, the people in humanitarian situations affected by this guidance may include internally displaced persons (IDPs), host communities, asylum seekers, refugees and returnees, and migrants when in similar situations. While further adaptations might be needed for some population groups, including those living in slums this interim guidance is issued to assist field staff to immediately respond to urgent needs,

It is of extreme importance from a protection, human-rights and public health perspectives, that people affected by humanitarian crises are included in all COVID-19 outbreak readiness and response strategies, plan and operations. There is a strong public health rationale to extend all measures to everyone, regardless of status and ensuring inclusiveness.
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CAIM training manual has been developed by NARAS, APMB, OCHA Geneva. The manual equips participants with a set of competencies and tools that allows them to:

establish coordination mechanisms for intersectoral and sectoral need assessment and analysis;
to guide operational decision-making, and
complement monitoring of the overall humanitarian situation and the performance of the humanitarian response.

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Guidance prepared by OCHA ROWCA office in Dakar on how to connect and receive data in Power BI using Kobo API. (English and French versions)
Life cycle steps

A detailed Kobo toolbox manual prepared by OCHA ROWCA office in Dakar.

Topics covered:

Create / edit form
View and download data
How to install kobo on Android
Connect Excel to Kobo to get data automatically
Connect excel to kobo data

Life cycle steps