Response Planning and Monitoring Module (RPM) – A User’s Guide

The Response Planning and Monitoring tool manages the creation and subsequent monitoring of the strategic framework at the inter-cluster and cluster levels, supporting first the HRP planning process, and then the periodic monitoring processes which happen several times a year. Hereby, we present you a User’s Guide on the Response Planning and Monitoring module, and other supporting materials on the configuration and use of RPM.

Short Illustrative videos on using RPM for monitoring can be accessed here. A tutorial introduction is available below on YouTube.  For testing, use the RPM demo site.

Guidance DocumentsLanguageLatest Version Date
HPC.Tools RPM Brochure.pdfENJuly 2021
Introduction to RPM V1.0ENJuly 2021
Introduction to RPM V1.0ESJuly 2021
Introduction to RPM V1.0FRJuly 2021
RPM Setup by Step GuideENJune 2023
RPM Setup by Step GuideFRJune 2023
RPM User Guide V1.0ENJuly 2021
RPM User Guide V1.0ESPJuly 2021
RPM User Guide V1.0FRJuly 2021