HPC Bridge Tools


The Bridge tools are analytical tools designed to leverage HPC data and can be customized to suit various contexts.

The Planning Bridge Tool facilitates a comprehensive view of cluster plans and partner plans side by side. Its primary objective is to provide a clearer picture of projects, enabling effective planning based on identified needs. It allows for real-time communication and enhanced visibility using technologies like Power BI, enabling clusters and partners to view each other’s plans. Additionally, the Planning Bridge Tool is not limited to this specific use case and can be expanded to incorporate other data from processes such as access, activity costing, funding, and more, as required.

The Response Monitoring Analysis (RMA) Tool serves as a customizable monitoring solution that fills a crucial gap in current HPC processes. It maximizes the utility of collected HPC information by creating a bridge-like dashboard that integrates needs assessment, planning, monitoring, and financial data. This empowers cluster coordinators to proactively track their activities, ensuring they are implemented and adjusted as necessary. The tool allows for prioritization of activities in identified geographical areas based on needs assessments and targets the population calculated during the planning phase.

The bridge tools play a crucial role not only in facilitating efficient planning, monitoring, and advocacy efforts. They establish a clear connection between needs, activities, and projects, ensuring there are no overlaps or surpluses.

By aligning prioritized actions with priority needs and minimizing gaps, these tools provide justification for HRP funding requirements. In cases where security permits and partners agree, there is an opportunity to release a public or semi-public version of the tools. This would showcase the HPC’s commitment to efficient and effective planning and monitoring mechanisms. We strongly encourage the utilization of these tools in all HRP countries. Their implementation will greatly contribute to improved outcomes and successful humanitarian response.

A recording of an HPC Bridge Tools training clinic is viewable here (UN credentials required). 

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